Tezno Cuber Sandwich Panels ® are lightweight wood-based insulating sandwich panels that provide easy and quick installation on site

The joining method of Tezno Cuber Sandwich Panels® is the first one in the market which is tongued and grooved at both joining edges to eliminate any heat bridge

Two key points for the installation of Tezno Cuber Sandwich Panels ®

Panels are to be placed directly onto the purlins, and must be mechanically fixed to at least 3 spots per purlin.

Panels must be nailed/screwed using 3 nails/screws per support, with a maximum distance of 30 mm between fixing screws. Nail/screw type and sizing will depend on the type of support.

On a timber structure, use Ø6 screwed nails (as Ref. DIN 1052), allowing a penetration of at least 40 mm

On a metal structure, use Ø6,3 self-drilling screws (Ref. AISI 304), allowing a penetration of at least 30 mm

On a concrete structure, first drill both the panel and the concrete structure, and fix the panel using self-drilling screws with screw anchor

Seal the panels joints using a polyurethane sealant to achieve waterproofing of the roof…

… and complete the task by laying a breathable waterproof sheet

Handling and stocking

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